Areas of focus

Washington students have big dreams for their futures. But for thousands of our students, the cost of a credential after high school is a nearly insurmountable barrier. The State Need Grant (SNG) makes education after high school possible for more 69,000 Washingtonians who are low-income. But there is not enough funding to provide grants to an additional 21,000 students who qualify this year.

The CPC’s 2018 priority is fully funding the SNG, our state’s largest financial aid program. For over 40 years, Washington’s students who have the most financial need have been able to pursue degrees and skills training because of SNG assistance. Unlike other need-based student financial aid programs, the SNG serves a range of students, from those who have just graduated high school to adult learners, making Washington’s SNG program a national model for need-based access programs. But thousands of eligible students miss out on SNG assistance because of a lack of state funding.

Fully funding the SNG will boost enrollment and completion, ensuring students have the opportunity to succeed regardless of income level or background. College and career training are the keys to giving Washington students the opportunities they need to be successful, while also addressing the state’s skill and opportunity gaps.